The lifestyle that we lead, our dependence on caffeine products and sugar has increased. It is leading us to unhealthy teeth. No matter what toothpaste you use, they aren’t well equipped to tackle issues such as teeth cavities and decolorization.

These issues can only be tackled with best quality teeth whitening strips, a simple self-served teeth cleaning technique that allows you to get shining white teeth within a span of few minutes.

Sometimes even the high content of fluoride and other minerals in drinking water can cause yellowness in your teeth. It is not just what you consume that affects you but also your surrounds and your drinking water. Thus, having a whitening strip can come handy to get rid of that tinge of yellow that ends up gathering on your teeth.

There are several high-end brands offering this solution for healthier and shinier teeth, but the few best ones have been shortlisted and reviewed below.  These detailed reviews of Top 5 teeth whitening strips will help you to find best whitening strips for you.

Clareamento Teeth Whitening Strips

clareamento teeth whitening stripsWith an advanced new option for teeth whitening, this cleaning white strips set comes with the unique gel application technology. With mild but effective ingredients, this teeth whitening strip works wonders for the stains and yellowish deposits that ruin the way your smile looks.

By following just a few simple steps and sticking to a few eating and drinking resolutions, you can get great benefit out of these whitening strips. Available in simple packaging and a value pack that allows you to use it for up to 24 times, this product is a great value for money.

The formula allows you to get a damage free, ever shining smile within just30 minutes of application. While that may seem like a long wait to some, the fact that it causes absolutely zero damage to the sensory nerves in your mouth makes up for the time.

Other alternatives that offer quicker results (within 10 minutes or so) actually compromise the sensitivity that the usage of some harsh chemicals might give rise too. Thus, this is not only safe but also exceptionally effective.

When using these whitening strips, a few things that you need to take care of to ensure long-lasting whiteness are avoiding caffeine products like tea and coffee as well as bidding away smoking if you have that habit.

These can make your investment into a whitening strip pretty useless and needless to say, they are harmful to many other organs too. The rest of the process is easy as peeling off a normal sticker.

You just need to take out a pair, peel the back off and apply one gel strip to the upper teeth set and the other to the lower.  Leave or fold any extras to avoid them from touching your gums and wait for 30 minutes. That’s all you need to do for a shining bright smile.


  1. Extremely easy to use with three simple steps to follow
  2. A value for money product that offers long-term benefits.
  3. Contains no nerve-damaging chemicals.


  1. Requires giving up on caffeine and tobacco.
  2. Takes 30 minutes to completely work on your teeth.

Crest 3D White White strips 5 Pouch (10 Strips)

Crest 3D WhitestripsWith a great name and quality stand in the market, any dental products from Crest are a breakthrough worth applauding. This whitening strip is no exception. Easy to use, easy on the teeth and a great product that is not too hard on your packet – this short-term usage whitening package is a deal to steal.

It acts as a bleaching agent on the teeth giving you spotlessly shining white smile within a few minutes of application. By far, this has been the most effective solution that brings your teeth shade to a much brighter level post usage.

This economically designed pack of 5 that can be used on both upper as well as lower teeth sets comes at a reasonable price. From the brand house of P&G, this whitening strip is a reliable as well ad damage proof way of getting clean, white teeth at home.

The formula used in this whitening solution uses the same formula that dentists use for their purposes. It is medically tested and is true to its name when it comes to delivering results.

What makes it a Unique product is its ability to clean not only the external stains from coffee, tea, and tobacco but also the internal ones like Mild fluorosis or tetracycline staining. On an average, you can use it regularly by allowing just a 3-4 days gap between two continuous usages.

While this is not a substitute for dental care, it does ensure whiter and cleaner teeth at home. However, it does not make for a regular checkup with the dentist. There can be a mild discomfort for the beginning or the first few days of usage but gradually it becomes to cause little or no discomfort to the user. It contains no gum damaging ingredients so in the long run, you will have no side effects from this product.


  1. Comes from the trusted name of P&G
  2. Gives much better result than its other counterparts.
  3. Contains zero damaging products.


  1. Might cause slight discomfort during the first few usages.
  2. Not complete dental solution.

GlorySmile Charcoal Teeth Whitening Strips

GlorySmile Charcoal Teeth Whitening StripsTeeth whitening solutions couldn’t be more simplified than this exceptionally well-engineered dental whitening strips from Glory Smile.  It is not only easy to use and designed for one use per strip but also has special teeth crowns to help you apply it without having a set out of place.

For a total of 32 teeth that an average grown-up has, this whitening strip provides a complete coverage from the gel for each of the strips. Home teeth whitening couldn’t have been more simplified and comfortable than this.

Available in an economic packaging of fourteen pairs or 28 strips, this package is a must buy for anybody who cannot fathom the constant yellowness that their teeth seem to be attracting.

The reasons behind yellow teeth are numerous – spicy food, citric acid from fruits, milk, and milk product deposits, smoking and caffeine. The one-stop solution for cutting and cleaning all those stains from your teeth are these whitening stripes from Glory Smile. The set is to be used continuously for 15 days without gaps for a complete makeover of your teeth.

One of the ingredients in this teeth cleaner is charcoal which is known for its beneficial aspects. Menthol and coconut oil are some other ingredients, making it a completely organic and health friendly solution to the yellowness of your teeth.

This also implies that this product will cause no sensitivity upon application, which is rare quality when it comes to teeth whitening solutions. On an average, the after-effects of cleaning your teeth with these can keep them white shiny for as long as six months if proper care is taken for the same.


  1. An economic 14-day cleaning solution that lasts 6 months.
  2. Herbal with no sensitivity causing ingredients.
  3. Contains charcoal, a great source of organic teeth cleanser.
  4. Fights internal as well as external decolorization contributors.


  1. Might require some assistance for application due to unique design.
  2. Has new teeth set design that’s tough to understand for some?

3D Teeth Whitening Strips 28Pcs/14Pair

3d white best whitening stripsOral hygiene has become a prominent feature of healthcare in today’s times and in the light of the same, every day many new options of teeth cleaning show up in the market. However, the 3D whitening stripes remain extremely effective and same even after all these years.

Once such reliable brand is Abody. Their extremely beneficial and effective teeth whitening formula that comes with a fourteen-day course for both upper and lower teeth sets is worth all the possible applause.

Following the regime for the mentioned amount of time can give you up to five shades cleaner teeth that stay clean and glittery for up to six months. You just need to ensure that you do not consume carbonated stuff, tobacco, caffeine or smoke for the time.

Each stripe comes with a separate peel of layer and there are 24 such strips. If you don’t feel the need to use one for your lower teeth set, you may save the remaining ones for some time later.

From dental plaque that is a natural occurrence post eating the tough pigmentation statins and tobacco stains, it removes them all within due course of time if used right. The bleaching agent used in these strips is of the mild type and it does not cause any damage to the sensory nerves in the gum.

Working on the formula of advanced particle technology, the formula is extremely viscous and elastic. It ensures absolutely no part of your teeth surface is left without spreading the cleaning gel.

The application is simple too – you just need to peel the back layer off, apply the layer with gel on it on upper and lower teeth and wait for 30 minutes. Once cleaned, you can use a mouthwash for a cleaner, fresher breath. Within fourteen days, your teeth will be much shade brighter.


  1. A very economical and pocket-friendly solution to stained teeth.
  2. Advanced particle technology that covers all the surface area.
  3. A full course of 14 days for several shades brighter teeth.
  4. Not very harsh on the sensitive parts.


  1. Requires 30 minutes long application time.
  2. Not a very pleasing smell accompanies the cleaning process.

New 28pcs/Lot Whitening Strips

advance teeth whitening stripsWith brighter teeth comes more self-confidence and that can have most, if not all your appearance issues sorted. For all those times that dirty teeth had you losing in the game, there is finally a great solution for it all.

This fourteen-day long teeth whitening solution boasts of assured results, cleaner and brighter teeth and every stain on your teeth either lightened or completely cleaned in the process.

With a small size to make it easy to use at home, this whitening stripe is just about big enough to cover the sixteen teeth that a fully-grown adult has on the upper and lower sides.

There can be many causes of stains and damage to the teeth, but it is completely sorted and tackled with this in-house dentist that can be used at the click of a finger.

If you follow the fourteen-day specified timeline that this whitening stripe formula claims to need, you will have clean, shiny teeth that can last you up to a month if used right.

You only need to avoid some stain-inducing elements like smoking and carbonated drinks that lead to cavities as well as caffeine for the days following the cleaning process and you are sorted.

If you achieve the desired results within just the first few uses, then you might as well keep the rest for later. Since this is the advanced gel technology, it does not get expired or outdated very soon.

Although it works even on the darker, more stubborn stains yet if they manage to survive, you can use the strips once or twice within six months to keep them diminishing from time to time.

Gradually, these whitening strips can help you get rid of even the stains that have stayed for quite long. However, to ensure the effective cleansing of these remains permanent, you need to flax, mouthwash, and brush at least twice a day together with ensuring you no consumption of damaging products.


  1. A long lasting make that can stay on for months without expiring.
  2. Works on even the stubborn and deadly stains.
  3. An ergonomic and economic pack of 28 strips for both upper and lower teeth sets.
  4. Followed by proper care can last as long as a year post whitening.


  1. Requires certain limitations like avoiding caffeine, carbonated drinks, excess sugar, and smoking.
  2. Can cause sensitivity in 1/10 people, although extremely mild.

Are Whitening Strips Safe?

Of the several whitening options that you might come across in the market, like whitening pens and liquid trays, the whitening strips are the most dedicated and safe. They have a very mild chemical combination and some of these are even organically and herbal made.

Thus, their effect on gums and the nerve endings attached to the teeth is extremely low. Since these barely even come in contact with the gums, they do not cause any sensitivity in most cases if applied right.

The process of application is simple too so that ensures absolutely no accidents when a newcomer uses it at home without any supervision.

While the time of wait might seem longer to some, it also ensures usage of less strong bleaching products, which in turn prevents headaches that might be induced due to sensitivity in the teeth. Thus, on the whole, the whitening strips are extremely safe and economic for teen cleansing at home.

How to Use Whitening Strips Properly?

Some of the basics of using whitening strips are clearly enlisted in the packet you buy. Since different strips have different designs and make, a little bit of the process varies. So start by reading the instruction manual.

The next step is ensuring you peel off the strips gently. This ensures no gel sticks to the layer that is to be thrown off. This gel of viscous and elastic in nature and covers the entire surface area of teeth.

When applying, make sure you do not let any part of the gel come in contact with the gum. In case the strip seems to long for your mouth, fold it from the sides. Leaving it on the gum for 30 minutes can mean serious sensitivity and possibly even toothache.

Timing is of the essence here too. Remember to set a reminder for 30 minutes because excessive application time can have adverse effects on the teeth. Apply the strips for both upper teeth set, and lower teeth set simultaneously. This will have both your teeth sets cleaned only within 30 minutes.

For best results, remember to follow the application process of 14 days or a week as per the instruction manual. The more accurate that you are with instructions, the better will the results of this whitening solution be.


While teeth whitening strips may be a quick and easy method to get clean and speck-free teeth, it is also important to stick with the usual methods of keeping the teeth clean.

Remember to floss your teeth regularly and to brush twice a day. A lot of foreign and unwanted bacteria make their way to our system through our mouth and whitening does not ensure fighting against them.